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Shower Doors


There are endless options for today's shower door industry.  Everything from builder grade styles to the most beautiful high end heavy glass enclosures.  No matter which door you choose, they all serve the same purpose in the end.  It's all a matter of style, budget, and more importantly, choosing a door that is fully operational for your shower enclosure.

Heavy Glass Doors


Heavy glass is becoming more and more popular these days.  The look of free standing glass walls with little metal really gives your bathroom that "WOW" factor. There are many styles to choose from and ultimately, your enclosure will have to do the talking.  Many things have to come into consideration with these doors but all decisions can be typically easy to make.  As beautiful as these doors are, there is one downfall...they are 100% guaranteed to leak.  Don't be alarmed, it's not like you will have a flood outside the door every time you use it.  They simply leak because these are almost all glass doors with little to no metal, especially a jamb for them to close into.  Weather stripping is still applied in as many spots as possible, It all depends on where your shower head is located, and these days, how many additional jets are pointing towards the door.  In most cases, we can keep leaking to a minimum, but there is always that chance.  Keep that in mind when using this style of door but don't let it be the determining factor in your decision on which style of door to choose. These are by far the most beautiful doors on the market!

Semi-Frameless Doors


Semi-Frameless doors are a great design to give the look of a heavy glass door, but by only using thinner glass.  Basically, the entire door enclosure will have a frame around it except for the swinging or sliding doors.  This eliminates just enough metal on the door to make it stand out a little more.  Most people want less metal these days and semi-frameless is just the ticket when a heavy glass door does not fit in the budget. These doors are extremely durable and are very leak proof.  Low profile metal and a great weather stripping system really makes these doors a top pick.  They come in multiple colors and glass styles and have handle options to give even more of an appearance of a heavy glass door.  Whether it's a swinging or sliding door, in a shower stall or bath tub, you really can't go wrong with this particular style or shower doors.

By-Pass Doors

The traditional sliding door has come a long way.  Thinner profile metal jambs and frameless panels can really open up an enclosure.  Available for both full height and tub openings, By-Pass doors provide easy entry & exit access.  Plus, with some of the frameless options out there, they can be some of the easiest to keep clean due to the lack of metal for mold, mildew and normal soap scum to build up on.  These doors come in a variety of colors and glass options to make any enclosure decision about as easy as gets.  Simple, clean and durable doors that will last many years with little to no maintenance is why this style is still probably the most popular choice today.

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